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    Evaporator Series


    MVR evaporator

    • PromulgatoYunhao
    • Time2019-04-10
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    Detailed Product Description:

        MVR is the abbreviation of steam machinery recompression technology. It is an energy-saving technology to reuse the secondary steam energy generated by evaporation, thereby reducing the demand for external energy. Secondary steam, through compressor compression, pressure and temperature are increased, enthalpy is increased. It is sent to the heating chamber of the evaporator as heating steam,to maintain the evaporation state of the material, while the heating steam itself transfers heat to the material itself to condense into water. In this way, the original waste steam has been fully utilized, latent heat has been recovered, and thermal efficiency has been improved.

    Product features

        1. Only a small amount of steam evaporation is needed, and normal evaporation can be maintained mainly by recovering the waste heat of secondary steam and mechanical compression.

        2. Only a small amount of cooling water is needed to cool the secondary steam.

        3. It can realize low temperature evaporation and is suitable for the concentration of heat sensitive materials.

        4. Very low energy consumption. The lowest energy consumption for evaporation is only 30 KW per ton of water. The total efficiency is equivalent to 20-effect evaporator.

    Scope of application

        Concentration and Crystallization of Wastewater from Biopharmaceutical and Chemical Industries.

        Concentrated Crystallization of Inorganic Salt Chemical Products.

        Evaporative Concentration Crystallization of Some Drugs.

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